GoBiotix Postnatal Vitamin

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GoBiotix postnatal multivitamin  helps both you and baby with all your nutrition needs and includes key nutrients like moringa and spirulina for breastfeeding/lactation as well as choline and dong quai extract for postpartum support. It’s packed with all the right minerals and nutrients you and your baby need to stay healthy and strong. It even includes elderberry for additional immune support.

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Flavor Name:Postnatal | Size:30 Servings

Don’t You Wish Being a Mom Came with a Manual?
There’s a lot to do and a lot to focus on as a new mama. But, there’s one thing that takes priority above all else…

The health of you and your little one!

Introducing: GoBiotix Postpartum Multivitamin. For Immunity, Energy and Bursting with Nursing Postnatal Vitamins Mom and Baby Need

Replenish Lost Nutrients
During and even childbirth, mom loses a lot of her reserves. Taking a nutrient-rich breastfeeding vitamin postnatal helps restore, recharge and renew you to SuperMom Health

Mighty Healthy Moringa
The most nutritious leaf on planet Earth! Mixing this superfood in our breastfeeding multivitamin helps mom double her baby’s milk supply and nourishes both of you to 100%

Boost Your Mom Mood!
Postnatal breastfeeding, diaper duty, lack of sleep. The last thing you need is stress. Take two of our vitamins nursing or not to uplift your mood and recover your mom energy

The Best for Both of You
Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, we even made our postnatal vitamins Vegan. No fillers, nothing added but the good stuff formulated into a vitamin mom and her little squish will love

Take For:
Doubling your milk supply
Nourishing mom to 100%
Enhancing mood
Increasing energy
Replenishing your body of essential nutrients, vitamins and enriching minerals
Nutrition support for your newborn
And more!

Treasure yourself, nurture your newborn – ADD TO CART

CONGRATS MAMA, now what? Well, like all new moms you need to stay healthy! GoBiotix postnatal multivitamin can help both you and baby with all your nutrition needs
MIGHTY MORINGA for breastfeeding! Packed with more minerals and nutrients than all other food on the planet. These postpartum supplements can double your milk supply and production
ELEVATES ENERGY, provides postpartum mood support. Includes a formula of herbs and postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding moms feeling post pregnancy blues
FULL ABSORPTION breastfeeding vitamins. Made with a blend of postpartum vitamins for women breastfeeding. From moringa leaf for lactation to zinc and iron. Includes vitamin A, C, D2, E, K, 1000 mg of B-12 and more
CLEAN NON-GMO, gluten free. It’s even vegetarian! Made in our certified lab. Easy, gentle on the stomach. No artificial ingredients ever – just nursing vitamins breastfeeding moms love. For the best health day in, day out ADD TO CART

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GoBiotix Postnatal Vitamin
GoBiotix Postnatal Vitamin

Amazon.com Price: $24.52 (as of 28/08/2021 01:12 PST- Details)

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